Equipment Rentals

Horne Janitorial offers the following equipment on a per day or weekly rental basis. Daily rental rates are listed below. Please contact us for weekly rental rates, which are discounted based upon the length of your rental.

Commercial Equipment

Commercial equipment may be rented by anyone; no certification required. Free training on how to use your rental machine will be provided when you pick up your machine.

Carpet Cleaning Machine and Extractor

This machine is designed to clean carpets and extract dirt better than any vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner that you can buy or rent in stores. Try this machine first before replacing your carpets. Great to use before selling your house or renting it out.

Rental Cost: $50.00 per day

Dehumidifiers remove excess water from the air. These machines should be used immediately and run for 48 hours after you have a flood in your home to prevent mold and mildew.

Rental Cost: $55.00 per day
20 Inch High Speed or Low Speed Electric Buffer

Use this buffer on your waxed floors monthly to keep your floors shiny and looking new. Our electric buffer produces little noise and does not require ventilation.

Rental Cost: $45.00 per day
20 Inch Automatic Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

Our floor scrubber will get your floor clean fast. One pass is all it takes to clean and dry floors. Use with our automatic floor scrubber solution to make your floors look brand new.

Rental Cost: $100.00 per day
Professional Equipment

Professional equipment requires proof of certification to use the equipment you are renting. You must be an experienced operator working for a professional cleaning company to rent this equipment.

If you do not have an operator that meets the requirements above, we can provide you an operator for an additional charge.

18 Inch Propane High Speed Buffer

Our most powerful buffer. Sure to get the job done fast.

Rental Cost: $75.00 per day
20 Inch Propane High Speed Buffer

Our most powerful buffer. Sure to get the job done fast.

Rental Cost: $75.00 per day
Automatic Powerboss Sweeper / Scrubber

This is a large rider machine designed for cleaning large areas. It has a weight of 3600 lbs and is fully automatic. This machine is fueled by propane.

Rental Cost: call for price