Indoor Cleaning Services



We use current cleaning products and methods to provide you a more breathable office. When you can breathe easily, you work more effectively. Let us clean your office space!


With our industrial-grade equipment, we’ll detail your warehouse with precision. We will clean and restore the warehouse’s interior appearance, improving its image and hygiene.


With the carpeting extractor, Horne can easily target and remove stains and blemishes on all types of carpet. The adjustable, targeted bristles scrub the carpet clean with our state-of-the-art carpeting solution, ensuring a satisfying finish. Deep cleaning your carpet regularly prevents bacteria from multiplying and takes away dust from the ambient.


From de-greasing the prep tables to eliminating germs in hard-to-reach areas, Horne Janitorial thoroughly cleans kitchens from the top-down. Our updated cleaning techniques pair with the modernized equipment we use to provide a polished finish for your kitchen crew to enjoy! Maintaining a clean kitchen isn’t always easy, so leave it to us to safeguard your kitchen from potential threats.

Tile Floors

Our buffer machine leaves tile floors sleek and spotless after we do our rounds. Professional cleaning of tile floors not only elongates the life expectancy of the tile, but also prevents damages from prolonged exposure to oddities. Horne Janitorial will clean your tile flooring at an affordable, desirable cost.

Free Evaluations

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