Outdoor Cleaning Services



Driveways are often the first impression of your home to visitors and guests. We understand the importance of maintaining a cleanly-kept driveway and we’re here to help. With our hot/cold pressure washer, Horne Janitorial can turn a blemished driveway into an eye-capturing pathway to the entrance, or garage, of your home. Let us clean your driveway to make your home more friendly!


Ridding your patio of hard-to-remove imperfections can be difficult. Our hot/cold pressure washer is specially equipped to leave your patio looking like it used to! Rejuvenating your patio will leave the space looking younger than ever, creating a clean, welcoming environment for you to enjoy.


Pressure washing the outside of your home or business can be dangerous. Leave the job to us. We’ll refresh the building, leaving it free from dirt, marks, and stains. We can clean up to 2 story buildings.

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